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"Posture Demo"
Changes displayed in real time with before and after imaging.

CAD-Engineered Orthotics Handcrafted With the Finest Materials for an Accurate, Individual Fit.

154 Different Orthotic Profiles

To help your shoes fit better, feel better and function better.

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Scanfit 3D Orthotics - More information below

About Scanfit 3D Orthotics

Scanfit 3D Orthotics are "ready to wear" alternatives to the more expensive custom-made orthotics. They are designed to fit the vast majority of our population that have "typically-shaped" feet.


Customer Testimonials

"I did a lot of walking up and down the strip & noticed a big difference especially in my knee."

"30 years in shoe retail and repair.  [Scanfit 3D] Made an immediate difference in my feet.  Wear quality footwear but still found a huge difference!  On a retail side, right amount of technology and simplicity."

"Definitely feel the posture change from the [Scanfit 3D] insoles/orthotics.  Added arch support which I definitely need.  Wonder how it addresses my over-pronation."




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